After years of competing at the sharp end of the racing field our founder, affectionately known as Finni by his family, decided it was time to trade racing bikes for raising a family. 

Like any true die hard, this didn't mean giving up his passion for cycling, on the contrary it gave him the chance to combine his years of first hand racing experience with his passion for design and Finni was established in 2013 in the world class city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Tired of feeling like a mobile billboard, riding in his sponsor's kit plastered with logos, Finni drew inspiration from classic and timeless European trends and technologies which weren't locally available. This led to our first Finni top designed for a consulting company which resulted in numerous "where did you buy that?" comments. It was time to serve a clear niche for cyclists who demanded function first without sacrificing fashion.

At Finni our passion is design, our hope is that you feel so good when you put on our kit that it's impossible not to want to get out and ride! Our products are bespoke, you will definitely stand out... in a good way.

Our goal is to convert you from a 'client' to a member of the Finni family as we believe this is the most honest and sustainable way to grow our brand and continue innovating when it comes to Function, Form and Fashion.