Black Panther - Chausettes
Black Panther - Chausettes
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Black Panther - Chausettes


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The Product Story:

The Finni sock is based on the world's best cycling socks from a construction point of view.  We then made a few improvements.  This is a first of its kind in South Africa.  Something we can all be proud of, a truly world class locally manufactured cycling sock!

Inspired by the ...lets just say we all know a good pair of plain black socks is a classic.  We gave it a powerful retro name.  They are not standout, but you will be noticed for wearing the Finni label on your socks. Classic with any outfit.  A true "Cycle de Style" accessory.  The Black Panther Finni sock range will take you to your desired destination, in stealth style!

They are longer, and will not creep down due to the double layering, with support equivalent to a compression sock.  The foot area is well aerated to ensure your feet stay cool, and your core body temperature under control.

The Product Spec:

  • Fabric: 78% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 4 % Elastane
  • Length: Medium
  • Size:  5-10 (11 at a push...)
  • Construction: Double layer for compression and support around the leg. Ventilated foot with sealed heal and toe area.
  • Recommended use: Cycling, running, hiking, casual wear