The Finni Story

Finni as a brand started in 2013, based in Cape Town.  It all started with a top designed for a consulting company which resulted in numerous "where did you buy that?".  It was time to serve a niche which clearly was left hungry!


We have a passion for design. Our dream is to inspire you to get out there and feel good wearing our product.  Our drive is not profit, but the pursuit of a passion for making desirable cycling clothing that makes one feel bespoke.

Our inspiration comes from the simplicity and crisp clean lines and contrasts from an era not so long ago!  We've then added a contemporary spin on things, and sown in current innovations.  Every garment is first designed for outright performance, and then fashion follows as the icing!

The Finni slogan is  'cycle de style' which is French for cycle in style!  Finni stands for Fashionable, Inspiring, Nostalgic, 'Nouveau' and Innovative.  Each design should speak to this!

Our values are to stay local and grow the local economy.  Finni also wants to preserve and hopefully help re-establish an ever-shrinking local rags trade industry.  We are a values based business, which stand for honesty and integrity.  We trust you see that follow through in our design, and equally important, customer service!