Hot Rod Winter Jacket

R 1,250.00

Inspired to be firstly functional, and only then stylish. This winter jacket is super functional, and fitted. The chest panel is made from a thicker material to keep you warm.   The material on the back and inner arms is then made from a dense lycra to ensure a snug and flexible fit; but more importantly also makes it more breathable than the front to prevent that dreaded overheating after the first climb! My super expensive Assos winter jacket I’m too precious over to wear gave me that idea

The chest panel is made from a densely woven fabric, but with a light feel which results in more insulation and less sweating (than those fleece tops).   The flexibility in from the lycra in the arms and back ensure a snug flexible fit, and prevents overheating.  Its a highly functional top for the 0-15 degrees days!  Features a full length zip, 3 back pockets with reflective strips on the back.  Wear it, feel comfortable, and "cycle de style"!!!  Yet another Finni classic!

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