Winter Jackets

True to Finni design, the winter acket is nostalgic in design combined with functionality that allows optimal performance. These jackets have been created to make sure you do get out there even if its a bit cold, which allows you to 'cycle de style'!  Its worth noting that most customer buying any Finni jacket find the styling so versatile they wear it off the bike almost more than on the bike!  And for the record, this is so by design! 

The winter jacket fitted. The chest panel is made from a thicker moisture management material to keep you warm head on.   The material on the back and inner arms is made from a dense lycra to ensure a snug and flexible fit; but more importantly also makes it more breathable than the front to prevents that dreaded overheating after the first climb! As you would come to expect, only the best imported Italian fabrics are used.

A garment so attractive, you may not want to ride in it!!

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