Thandi Community Creche

Its time to give back.  This is a donation for a good cause.  Finni will be supporting as a first project a Christmas gift box for each child in the Thandi Community Creche.  Thandi is a Xhosa word meaning 'nurturing love'.  There are 11 boys and 11 girl ranging from 1-5 years old.  Your donation will be appreciated as a contribution towards a great cause.  This falls under the Paul Cluver farm, who has given ownership of the land and produce for the farmworkers within a Co-Op, allowing a community to 'grow' responsibly, and in a self sustainable manner.  I love the Elgin region, fruit, wine and of course the single track.  So with or without donations Finni will make sure each child is given a bit of love.  Your donation is welcome in denominations of R50.

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